Meridian, ID

Butter Braid Pastry Fundraising Program

butter braid pastry

What makes this such a great fundraising solution for your group?
Read on to find out...

1. Local Company: We are a Meridian-based small business with sales, delivery, inventory, and customer service operations handled locally. That means we will handle your issues quickly and efficiently.

2. Product Quality: Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the quality of the Butter Braid pastry is unrivaled in the fundraising industry. You can be confident that you're selling something that people actually want and will love. Repeat sales are virtually guaranteed.

3. High Profit: At $5.00 profit per unit this will be a very profitable fundraiser for your group.

4. Value: With a retail selling price of $14.00 (includes sales tax) the Butter Braid pastry remains a value for your customers, especially since the national average for frozen food items from fundraisers is over $15.00. In a tough economy, your customers will appreciate that.

5. Quick: Inventory is stored locally, in Boise. In most cases we can deliver within 10-14 days from when you place your order. With a 2 week selling period, you will be finished with your fundraiser in 4-5 weeks.

6. No Risk: The group Starter Kit is free, there is no inventory to purchase up front, and you only buy what you sell so there is no 'leftover' inventory to try to get rid of after your sale.

7. Less Competition: Butter Braid frozen pastries are sold exclusively through fundraising. That means you don't compete with grocery store chains who sell the same product you're selling but at a fraction of the cost.

8. No Contracts: We don't believe in binding agreements that are generally better for the fundraising company than the customer. If we serve your group the way you deserve, we trust that your group will be one of our customers who return to us for repeat fundraisers.

9. No Order Minimums: Our goal is make this a great fundraising solution for all groups, regardless of size. With no order minimums, you can place orders for any quantity.

10. Delivery: You will love our delivery system. Our delivery and order separation service ensures that you get your product delivered at a pre-determined date and time. This service is currently free to all customers in our territory.